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"I was having some nerve tingling in my right leg and foot, and having never experienced this before, my friend recommended Dr.Fair to me. This being my first time seeing a chiropractor, I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience."



"After powerlifting for years, my elbow was really bothering me. I had pretty much given up all hope and then I met Dr.Joe! In just 1 visit, he completed fixed my elbow and I'm back in the gym! Thanks Doc!"



"I was struggling with a bad wrist and hip injury that took me away from CrossFit for more then 6 months. Once I started seeing Dr.Joe, within just a few visits I was able to start back up in the gym"

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Pain in Hips During Rehab?

Pain in Hips During Rehab?

"Should there be pain while I’m rehabbing my hip?” Answer: NO, pain makes us move in avoidance patterns. While performing your rehabilitation exer...
Foot Alignment

Foot Alignment

Since I talked briefly about the dangers of flat feet in the last post, I thought I would follow up with a foot question.A patient asked me recentl...
Shoulder Lockout

Shoulder Lockout

"Why can I not get my shoulder locked out to overhead squat correctly?”This patient is a great example of a huge population in the Crossfit, Olympi...

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